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Aldona came to the U.S. on an Army troop ship as a refuge from Lithuania after WWII. Her parents told her as they passed the Statue of Liberty that she could become whatever she wanted to become in this country. They came through Ellis Island with no language, no money and one suitcase filled with Care Packages. But as she went through school and got her degree she allowed other people to steal her dreams. She was told that she could only do what her degree said she could do.


I started my working life as an aerospace engineer – a rocket scientist – but realized very quickly that I didn’t want to spend my whole life in corporate America. I was frustrated with the bureaucracy, the office politics and having to work for people that I wouldn’t have hired. Aldona and I met at the Space Center in Huntsville Alabama. After we were married both of us had bigger dreams than where we found ourselves but no idea how to get there.

Like many people we were introduced to Shaklee through a chance conversation. Aldona had just moved to Colorado to be with me. At a luncheon Aldona mentioned how disappointed she was about the pollution in the creek across the road from us where we lived in the mountains west of Denver. One of the guys asked what we were doing about it. And then he asked what we were flushing down our drains every day. We invited him to come and tell us about biodegradable cleaners. He shared the whole Shaklee story with us and as soon as he shared how the business model worked I realized it was our ticket out of corporate America. I decided right then that we were going to do this – before we had even tried a product. The side effect was that we discovered very quickly how amazing all the Shaklee products are. As important has been the personal growth and being able to work together toward the same goals.

Within 6 months Aldona was able to quit her job. Within 13 months our part-time Shaklee income equaled what I was making after 8 years with the same aerospace firm. I fired my boss in 1984 and we have been blessed with an extraordinary lifestyle for the last 31 years – a lifestyle that most people only hope to have when they retire. We have been on 60+ luxury trips on Shaklee’s dime and have been all over the world, have had 14 bonus cars, and have been financially independent with a 6-figure income for the last 31 years.

But perhaps most significant are the thousands of lives that have been changed and improved because of a wonderful organization of entrepreneurs and mompreneurs who are just as passionate about optimum health, safer homes and a greener planet. Many have also achieved financial independence and are passing that opportunity along to others. The Shaklee Effect continues to be alive and well!